Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Thousand Little Things

I heard Point of Grace on the radio singing a song called  "A Thousand Little Things."  The song talks about seeing how much God loves you in the little things around you. It reminded me of a book I read a couple of years ago called One Thousand Gifts. I wrote a post about it on February 26, 2011. For a while I did a good job of seeking and recording the "gifts" in my life - the little things that make me happy, the things that are gifts from God.
But, as so often happens, I slowly drifted away. I stopped recording the little blessings in my life.
I was reminded today that if I want to be content, I need to cherish the little things. I need to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness.
So here's the beginning of a new list - I may not record all the little things, but I'm going to try to see, appreciate and be thankful for all of my blessings.

  1. Sugar-free vanilla caramel Coffeemate in my morning coffee
  2. Dry roads (no snow or ice)
  3. A fire in the wood stove
  4. Watching the chickadees at the bird feeder
  5. A Diet Coke - any time of day!
  6. An email from friend or family
  7. Sunshine
  8. Light from a full moon
  9. Our new, large screen TV
  10. A good night's sleep
  11. The smell of meatloaf and au gratin potatoes cooking in the oven
  12. A hot shower
  13. Fresh Rice Krispie bars
  14. Skyping with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson
  15. Spending the evening with my husband

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Carrie said...

I was just thinking the same thing - that I want to record the little blessings and ways I see God each day.

One of mine from yesterday was using my new purse you made me to go to get my free birthday coffee :)