Monday, January 13, 2014


It's been a month since I wrote a blog called "Currently."  Time for an update - although it's also actually a bit of a report of the last month...

Watching ... NFL Play-off games. The wild card games as well as the first round of playoff games were unbelievably great football.

Eating … less. It's time to get back on the diet after all the good food we had while Carrie, Mardo and Micah were here. We tried some new recipes including a chicken and broccoli hotdish that was delicious.

Drinking … Diet Coke - always!

Newest Experience... learning how to use my new Silhouette Portrait cutting machine. My kids blessed me at Christmas by going together to buy it for me.

Current Crafts... crochet, sewing purses and pillows, DIY projects with my daughter and much more. We continued to craft together right until she had to pack to leave. Some projects included modge podging a map onto a tray and decorating some onesies for Micah.

Enjoying... sunshine, blue sky and warmer weather after the historic arctic temperatures of the last two weeks.

Playing... Skipbo, Rummikub, Clue, Chickenfoot, Wizard, Boggle, and Cribbage with family.

Wanting … to be content in every circumstance

Needing … more of God, less of me in my life

Thinking … about how much I love my husband, my kids and my grandkids

Looking forward to... spring. I want to see green grass and a lake that's not frozen, and I don't want to have to bundle up in jacket, hat, mittens, boots... or worry about driving on snow and ice. I am also looking forward to two upcoming scrapbooking weekends.

Praying ... I continue to pray, for our daughter's friends - Seth, Leslie, Andrew and Natalia. Andrew is home from the hospital, but continues to have health concerns.

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Carrie said...

I love this recap - this really was the best vacation!