Monday, May 14, 2012

Cabin Progress

We're making progress on the cabin - hurray!
We've spent the past three weekends painting. The first two weekends we painted primer on all the new sheet rock. This past weekend we started putting color on the walls.

Here are the stairs with primer on the risers and curtains (the white parts) and paint on the wall.
(I'll get some better pictures next time we go to the cabin.)

This is the guest bedroom. I don't know when we are going to insulate and finish the block walls (in white) - so I think I need to pick a paint color to paint the blocks. After I painted the green on the sheet rock I decided I did not want the block walls to be green, but I don't know what color to pick - maybe a darker brown?

This is our game room/bedroom. The walls are not quite as blue as in this picture. The paint color is called kiwi splash and changes from light blue to light green with the light. I can't wait to get the furniture back where it belongs, and get trim on the doorways and woodwork. I don't know if you can really see the hallway color, but it is painted a color called dusty trail. It's the same color as the wall going up the stairs.

Next weekend I hope we'll be painting the family room and putting a second coat of paint on the stairway wall. Maybe I can even start painting the risers on the stairs. And, we need to paint the upstairs bathroom too. So much painting!!! We need to get it done soon because it's getting nice outside and we won't want to be working inside anymore. Besides, I'm getting tired of having every room under construction.

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